Oracle Training

Oracle training is normally delivered via one of three main methods.

Oracle Education Options

The first of these is to receive classroom based training directly from Oracle Education. Oracle trainers are completely familiar with the official Oracle curriculum and often have several years of real world experience under their belt. Class sizes are typically 8-12 students, and each student will have his or her own training PC. The format of the course follows the Oracle training curriculum and will normally consists of a series of lessons, backed up by practical exercies.

Oracle Training is also provided by Oracle partners, either at their offices or local hotels, or most often than not, on client premises. These providers will also offer the official Oracle curriculum. Partners also develop their own custom courses, suited to an individual organisations needs.

Third party training providers also offer Oracle courses. These may be product focused or geared towards one of the Oracle examinations.

Finally, Oracle offer virtual classes and learning via self study CD-ROMs. The virtual classes are called Live Virtual Class and allow you to take an offical Oracle course, with the same trainers as the offical classroom courses, over the internet. The benefit of this approach is that it avoids the time and expense of travelling to the education facility. The CD’s are also a useful learning tool that can help supplement classroom training. These courses can be dipped into as and when required, often to clarify a particular topic that you may have been unsure of.

Finally, books. Oracle has been around long enough to have a mature book market. You will find a wealth of books covering most popular Oracle applications. You will also find Oracle books which focus on the Oracle certifications, such as the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), or Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), that you may want to take. This, together with Oracle software which may be downloaded for free for educational purposes only, provide a very cost effective route to pick up Oracle technology.

Oracle Training

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