Business Intelligence Training

Business Intelligence Training can be undertaken in a variety of ways.

Most people are aware of classroom based training. This is normally delivered via an experienced trainer/teacher to a class of ten or so students, each having access to a training PC. Several of the Business Intelligence vendors offer accredited training courses, either at their head office, a local office or the client office. Alternatively, training is delivered by software house ‘Partners’, who are authorised by the software company to deliver these accredited courses. There are also a number of third party training companies which specialise in delivering certified training courses.

A second method of training is web based training, sometimes refered to as Computer Based Training (CBT). This type of course will deliver the course content either via a CD/DVD, or more commonly via a web connection. The user can then work through the course at their own pace, pausing the training when required. Several of the Business Intelligence software houses provide these computer based training courses.

A third method is self study. This is the most difficult method of study, but also the most flexible, as it allows you to stop and start your training program to meet the demands of your existing schedule. Normally done via the use of books, online guides and practical experience, this method is also the cheapest route.

Business Intelligence training is provided by a number of software vendors.

The first is Business Objects. Business Objects training is offered either via classroom based training or web based training. It has a network of authorised Business Objects edcuation providers who  can deliver the course content throughout the world. Business Objects training is not officially available outside of the partner network.

Microsoft training  is not delivered in a classroom format by Microsoft themselves.  Microsoft training is normally delivered by authorised education providers which may be Microsoft Partners or third party IT Training companies. Examples of Microsoft courses include Reporting Services training and SQL Server data warehousing training. Microsoft also offer a wide variety of online web seminars, typically lasting between one and three hours each.

A number of these third party IT training providers also carry out data warehousing training. Providing a deep understanding of how a data warehouse is built, these data warehousing classes provide a valuable introduction to warehouse concepts and should be considered by anyone new to this area.

Oracle training is delivered via official Oracle education centres or via their authorised Partner network.

It is very important when undertaking training that the official curriculum is followed. A number of third party companies offer training which aims to follow the curriculum, but may well fall short of content and quallity. Therefore, it is highly recommended that an official training course, be it classroom or web based, be undertaken. In most cases, you will recieve official learning material which can help towards passing any exams leading to certification.

Business Intelligence Training

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