Business Intelligence Conferences

Several Business Intelligence conferences are held throughout the year. Some of these may be specific to a Business Intelligence specialisation, e.g. Data Warehousing, others may be specific to a vendor, e.g. Microsoft, or they may be generic conferences discussing all aspects of Business Intelligence.

Below are some of the forthcoming conferences:

August 2008

August 17-22
TDWI World Conference

September 2008

September 8-12
SAP TechED 2008

September 16
Business Intelligence and BPM Conference 2008

September 21-25
Oracle Openworld

October 2008

October 2
SAP World Tour 2008

October 6-8
Microsoft BI Conference

October 27-28
SAS Data Mining conference

November 2008

Nov 18-21
PASS community Summit

January 2009

Gartner BI Summit

Summer 2009

Informatica conference

Business Intelligence Conferences

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