Best Oracle Books 2017

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While there are a large number of Oracle books on the market today. Each has it’s positive and negative points. However, we couldn’t possibly list all the excellent books on this page. We can, however, draw on our collective experience of working in this industry to draw up our list of the Best Oracle Books 2017.

Oracle Database 12c PL/SQL Programming

Packed with lots of examples covering all the topics mentioned in the book. Also has handy question section at the end of the chapter to test your understanding.


Oracle PL/SQL Programming

If you are developing PL/SQL, this is the book to have. One of the best PL/SQL references out there, and seen on many DBA desks. Maybe not the first book to buy if you are new to PL/SQL, but certainly the goto reference book on the subject once you have understood some core concepts.

Oracle SQL By Example

A great reference book providing clear instruction on how to use Oracle SQL and the Oracle SQL Developer. Contains plenty of examples and exercises to help reinforce the content of each chapter.


Have we missed any books from this list? Are there any other great Oracle books that we should add? If so, please let us know so that we can update the Best Oracle Books list.

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