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There are literally hundreds of Business Intelligence books available in the market today, as a simple search in any popular bookstore will testify. Our aim is to provide you with our recommendations for the Best Business Intelligence Books 2017.

These cover most if not all aspects of Business Intelligence technologies. Due to the sheer number of books which are available, it is well worth taking on board the views of friends and colleagues who work in the industry to determine which books are worth considering for purchase.

To help with this task, we have identified what we believe to be the Top 3 books in each subject area covered by this site. These books may provide reference material or may be considered learning material. The two shouldn’t be confused. A typical reference book is normally used on a frequent basis, with the reader diving in and out of particular sections. A learning book, for example a Microsoft certification book, will be used primarily for the purposes of guiding you towards passing specific exams and gaining a certification. Once passed, you may find that you end up buying a more comprehensive and detailed reference book.

This books section has been broken down into a number of categories as follows:

Best Data Warehousing Books

Best SAP Business Objects Books

 Microsoft Books

 Oracle Books

 Data Visualization

SAS Books

Cognos Books

Open Source Business Intelligence Books


Business Intelligence Books

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